Welcome to the jewellery factory86 heart of craftsmanship and elegance, where artistry meets precision in the enchanting world of jewelry manufacturing. At jewellery factory86, we take pride in weaving stories of timeless beauty, meticulously crafting pieces that transcend the ordinary. Explore the magic behind our jewelry, where tradition intertwines seamlessly with innovation, creating a symphony of design and craftsmanship.

We are jewellery manufacture based in yiwu,  china, engage in imitation jewellery

Crafting Dreams, Forging Legacies: In our workshop, each piece begins as a whisper of inspiration and evolves into a masterpiece. Our artisans, guardians of ancient techniques and pioneers of modern methodologies, breathe life into raw materials, shaping them into works of wearable art. From the initial spark of creativity to the final polish, every step is a celebration of skill and passion.

Materials of Distinction: Our extensive range of materials includes high-quality alloys, copper, and steel, which can be plated with gold, silver, gun black, ancient gold smear, antique silver finish black, or electroplated gold.

We also offer Czech diamond and zircon drill options to meet your preferences. Each material has its own pricing structure. Additionally, we provide customizable options to cater to your specific needs.
We are pleased to present you with our latest collection of jewelry accessories, designed to enhance your business. Our products boast superior quality while maintaining affordability

For the MOQ is 10 Dozen/set for each style jewellery accessories.
The more quantity you orders is the more cheaper.

If you interested just write the email and I will sent you the catalogue of the jewellery accessories. we hope u interest with our products.

For further information please contact our

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or you can email us at jewelleryfactory86@gmail.com

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